Committed to Christ's Commission

Matthew 28: 18-20    


  We are the student ministry of Callaway Baptist Church.  Our 

   ministry involvesstudents in the 6th - 12th Grades.  C3 Student

   Ministries is a volunteer team who work together in leading              teenagers into a growingrelationship with Jesus Christ.

  For us , it is all about Jesus.  He is central to everything the youth

  ministry seeksto accomplish.  We are devoted to Worshiping

   Jesus, Sharing Jesus, Following  Jesus and BEING Jesus to the

   world around us.  So we will use whatever means  necessary

    in our youth ministry to see that teenagers, no matter where

   they are  in their walk with Christ, are growing in Jesus Christ!


  *  To create environments where teens experience love and


  *  For Callaway Baptist to be one of the friendliest places in

      all of TroupCounty for teenagers.

  *  For every single teen in C3 Student Ministries to have a

      passionate  relationship with Jesus Christ.

  *  To support the families of teenagers in every way possible. 

      We recognize  thatGod has called them to be the primary

       spiritual influences in their kids' lives.  We want to partner

       with their families!


  We want to see Jesus Christ at the center of teenagers' lives. 

  We want to not only be a part of their lives, but the very

   CENTER and FOUNDATION of who they are.  We want to

   worship God, not just in song, but in everything we do. 

    Col. 3:23


  To see kids living out their faith in practical ways.  To see

   them serving each other the Church, and the world around

   them.  We want them to develop hearts forpeople

   experiencing life's struggles, the least of these among us,

   and to care forthem as Jesus cares for us.  Matthew 25: 40

  Sundays:                  945 AM  Connection Groups

​                                  1100 AM  Corporate Worship

                                    600 PM  Small Groups

Wednesdays:               630 PM Student Worship & Bible Study


W  E  L  C  O  M  E     H  O  M  E